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Meeting Scout

I have been following Scout on Instagram since he was a little puppy so it was lovely to finally meet this 11-month-old Springer Spaniel who has been keeping his mum Michelle on her toes! But let me tell you - they are such a good team! Michelle does a lot of training with Scout and suggested a spot in Amsterdam, that they rent every Saturday just to get a training session in without any other dogs around. They invited me to meet them right there, after their training. Scout was very excited but also kept his distance from me, whilst always keeping a side-eye on me. I thought it was hilarious how goofy yet how cautious he was. I knew that his attention span might not last very long so I went with the flow and simply photographed him walking around, sitting in the grass, or having a moment with Michelle. That's what it's all about for me anyway - I don't like overposing dogs during a shoot. I'd rather try and catch them the way they are so their owners recognise them afterwards in the photos. And funnily enough, the first thing I heard back from Michelle was "You have captured him perfectly!". That's all I can ask for.

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