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My relationship with photography started very early on - in my childhood when I would spend hours and hours in my garden, with an old hand-me-down camera, taking endless amounts of photos of flowers, my friends or the animals I lived with.

My camera would sometimes rest for a few years (for example when cameras on phone started to become a thing) but my love for photography never left me.


In 2018, my dog Woody entered my life and I simply could not put the camera down. I had such an amazing time, documenting his life which also resulted in documenting the life of his friends. Their owners showed so much love for my photos and were so grateful for the photos I took of their four-legged friends, that I started to take my hobby more seriously.

I realised how much I love portraying dogs and let their personalities shine through my photographs. I also enjoy showing the special bond between a person and their dog - something that is so real and valuable to myself.

I am most comfortable when I am in a natural environment and can use natural light to my advantage. I am not a studio photographer nor will I make you pose in strange and unnatural ways. I much prefer capturing sincere interactions, heartfelt laughter and a bucket full of love between you and your best friend.


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