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Near the sea and amongst the dunes

Last year we moved to Amsterdam only a few weeks before my birthday. When the dust of moving from one country to another had settled, I decided I wanted to spend the evening of my birthday at the beach - after all, it's only a half an hour train ride away!

I had one of the most memorable birthdays - the evening sky was amazing, Woody had the best time, we all came home smelling of fresh sea air. This year, we took the entire day off and decided to go on a hike around the same area. Because we don't have a car, we are a little limited on where to go but thanks to Komoot we found the perfect hiking route, which was also dog friendly.

On the day, the weather was overcast, but I don't really mind that at all. I'm an autumn girl at heart so moody days by the sea make my heart sing. In the end, we walked for around three hours - along the beach from Zandvoort to Bloemendaal aan Zee and back through the gorgeous Zuid-Kennemerland National Park. I cannot recommend this hike enough and we will definitely be back.


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