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Meeting Wolfie

Wolfie and his owners were one of the first people we met at the dog park in Amsterdam. Since having my own dog, I meet some amazing people, some of which have become really close friends and I am forever grateful for that.

Meeting Wolfie for the first time was so much fun. He was very similar to my own dog Woody (goofy, charming, playful). When they told me that they are about to move to Barcelona, I was obviously disappointed but I was so happy and honoured when they asked me for a shoot around Amsterdam - so they have some nice photos and memories of their time in Amsterdam, before moving to Barcelona.

So we spent one Saturday walking around their old neighbourhood and simply trying to catch some moments that would have seemed ordinary on any other day. That day, we created some memories for them.

"Before we left Amsterdam to move to Barcelona we decided to have Nicky make some amazing pictures of us and Wolfie to remember our time here and have a lasting memory. She was so professional and really good with him. Her energy made him cooperate without any problems (and maybe the tasty treats she brought also helped). She exceeded our expectations and I still love looking at the incredible photos she made of our little family."

You can find Wolfie on Instagram too and follow his adventures in Barcelona: @world.of.wolfie

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